• Vermosh Potato Souffle, Mishavin Cheese and Veal Pastrami

  • Roasted beetroot, roquefort cheese and Vlosh dressing flavored with dill and nut chips

  • Grilled zucchini, Konispol finger lime and sour cream

  • Fennel cooked in saffron extraction, chicken demi glace and rosemary

  • Cabbage and savoy cabbage salad, ccoked and raw marinated like a hollandaise sauce

  • Potato millefeuille, sweet miso and autumn scents

  • Seasonal salad, acording to market availability



  • Pumpkin, coffee chestnuts and hazelnuts

  • Cabbage dollma, juniper-scented white meat souce and chrunchy cips

  • Baked beans, lightly scared squid and veils of pie

  • Sea bass carpaccio and vegetables

  • Veal brain, cauliflower and charcoal

  • Chicken rolls stuffed with dried fruit, and prunes

  • Tomato-onin pie, spinach-ricotta pie

First dish


  • Risotto Vialone Nano with pumpkin seeds, tangerine powder and its gel

  • Tortelli filled with Lamb tave dheu, fermented lemon and mint

  • Pistachio, red shrimp and coffee spaghetti

  • Green ravioli filled with wild herbs and Alphine cheeses

  • Risotto with lemon and oregano, raw scampi with tomato powder and roasted pepper

  • Beet dumpling, Mishvan cheese and green leaves

Second dish


  • Beef cheek cooked at low temperature, prune and quince reduction

  • Veal fillet, truffle and vegetables

  • Lamb terrine flavored with thyme, dark apricot and green leaves

  • Grilled quail lemon lollipop and quince

  • Fish fillet, pistachio sauce and seasonal fruits

  • A shrimp lost in the woods

  • Veal tagliata with baked potatoes


  • Green apple & basil

  • Peach

  • Passion fruit

  • Fig

  • Chocolate



  • Pistachio souffle

  • Chocolate and banana fondant

  • Tiramisu

  • Qumeshtor

  • Olive / Finger Lime

  • Millefoglie

  • Seasonal fresh fruits

If you have any allergies or food intolerance, please inform us before ordering.
Depending on the season availability of certain ingredients, several products might be frozen and not freshly picked.