• Fried eggplant, cheese and wild herbs

  • Caesar salad our style with veal

  • Fried sage, cheese honey and pear

  • Traditional Albanian pie in evolution

  • Roasted pepper with ricotta cheese and herbs

  • A little bit of everything... fried & dry

  • The heart of lettuce, cold cooked egg & dried fruits

  • Corn & rice tacos, spinach and kackavall cheese mousse

  • Steamed artichokes, bottarga and potato chips

  • Chef's special



  • Soft souvlaki : of the land? Or the sea? Scampi, potatoes in butter & truffle

  • Veal tartare, roasted potatoes, soft cheese and grape must

  • Veal brains, fava beans, dill and yogurt

  • Red tuna, cherry tomatoes, plums and parsley

  • Beans cappuccino, octopus with potatoes

  • Shrimp and ricotta toast with basil and mayo

  • Check mate: cuttlefish, cherry tomatoes, scallops, kiwano

  • Garden of snails

  • Cheese platter and its accompaniments

  • What are we gonna fry today?

First course


  • Mishavin cheese risotto, roasted fennel cream, orange and almonds

  • Ravioli stuffed with veal cheek, kackavall and spring flowers

  • Fagottini stuffed with smoked trout of Kelmend, its own broth and lemon

  • Black potato gnocchi, garlic, tomato and goat cheese

  • Fresh pasta sheets, fish ragù, hazelnuts and fresh herbs from our mountains

  • Veneto-style risotto, basil pesto, tomatoes, pepper milk skin

  • Oven cooked spaghetti, sardines from Pogradec and bread

  • From the Ionian Sea : the catch of the day

  • FLAICOO : baked water, EVO oil broth, vegetables and finger lime

  • From the mountain to the sea in one soup

Main Course


  • Monk fish, its own broth, greens, raspberry, and vegetables

  • Beef Wellington : porcini mushrooms, black truffle and Albanian mountain tea

  • Still deciding on what fish to serve today…

  • Lamb soup… strawberries and raspberries

  • Quail smothered in juniper berries honey, chutney, roots, celery and oyster

  • Onions, mushrooms, chickpeas in their own juices

  • Veal cheek, red plum, pear and finger lime

  • Rabbit in thyme, sweet miso, vegetables and salted leaves

  • Cod fish, fermented garlic and potato

  • What are we grilling today ?

Tasting menu



  • Sour - Monkey: banana, chocolate, caffè

  • Soft -Tiramisù with white truffle

  • Sublime - Bronte-Divjake pistacchio soufflè, citrus and passion fruits

  • Bitter - Cherry branch : 7 chocolates in 7 textures

  • Sweet - Shkoder pie with potato and apple

  • Citric - Ice Cream, Malden salt, EVO oil and finger lime

  • Memorable - Mille foglie of topinambur, blueberry and salep

  • Contrast - From my summer time garden

  • Lustful - Hazelnuts + butter + eggs + flour + sugar = Bakllava

  • Silky -The fruit vendor’s stand…

If you have any allergies or food intolerance, please inform us before ordering.
Depending on the season availability of certain ingredients, several products might be frozen and not freshly picked.